Garden Igloos May Come to America One Day

The Garden Igloo can be sheathed in clear material for enjoying the out of doors without quite being in the out of doors. Photo courtesy of Garden Igloo

They are otherworldly, flexible, and super cool. Garden igloos may not be made of ice, but they suggest a future that has not quite arrived – at least not in the U.S.A.

The Garden Igloo, an outdoor space designed for adult relaxation, for kids to play in, for sheltering your Jacuzzi, or as a greenhouse may look like Buckminster Fuller’s American-made geodesic dome.

But it’s manufactured in Germany and available, at this moment, only in Europe. Maybe if more Americans demanded one, though, that could change. They go for the equivalent of $890.

The designer is Çağla Işin Alemdar, who harks from Istanbul.

The Archipod is more a modular home than a garden accoutrement. Courtesy of Archipod

And then there is the Archipod, which the British paper the Daily Mail described as looking “like a space landing vehicle from which aliens might spill, death rays in hand.”

The Archipod, designed to be a home office or for similar uses, is insulated and comes with electricity, water connections, and heat, and is wired for computers. It also comes with a hefty price tag – more than $20,000.

“Archipod comes in banana-like prefabricated strips that are 60 cm wide, so it can be carried through ordinary doorways,” the Daily Mail reported. “Installation is free, although that comes with one condition - you have to live within 50 miles of York.”

That’s York, England.

Dream on Americans, dream on.

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