The Greatest Hits of This Year’s Outdoor Furnishings

It’s going to be great to spend a lot of time in the yard or on the patio this summer. But now that you’re out there so much, it might be time for some new furnishings. Eichler Network’s Tanja Kern did some exhaustive research for a roundup of this season’s best outdoor furnishing options that will run in CA-Modern’s summer issue. I asked her to share some of her favorites from that project, which I’ve compiled here in a two-part series. Check back next week for the rest!

Michelle Bickford

Best long-term buy: Quadrant Bench by Desu Design. “This is a piece that’s a little bit more of an investment, but what I love about it is that it can really create a focal point in the backyard, patio or garden. It’s very versatile. You can use it as a bench or a table. The center part is a basin that you can accessorize in different ways to accommodate your needs. You could decorate it with rocks as in the picture. You can put in plants, or if you’re having a party you could fill that with ice and use it as a cooler. I think the piece is very sculptural with clean lines, and it’s just very pretty.”


Michelle Bickford

Most Affordable: Melamine Collection by Jonathan Adler. “Adler is known for both color and poppy prints. They’re not very expensive so you can change them out as your color palettes change. I like that you can have them for a couple of seasons and not have to invest lots of money each time you buy them. I think the colors and patterns have a retro cool feel.”



Kantan Chair

Most Classic: Kantan II Chair, by Brown Jordan. “This is a reprise of a 1956 design, so it’s classically mid-century modern. The original version was made of an aluminum frame and those were vinyl straps that lace together. The new one is a little more elegant. It has a brass frame and fabric straps. Brass is really trendy right now in décor. People love the gold accents. Kantan means simple or simplicity in Japanese. I think that’s really what is beautiful about these chairs. They’re elegant and simple and have a great design.”



Most Useful: Indoor-Outdoor Rug by Dash and Albert. “The thing I love about this indoor outdoor rug is that it’s versatile and durable. These rugs are water resistant, mold resistant, easy to clean. I enjoy using them because you just need a hose and maybe some mild soap to wash them down, so it’s low maintenance. And a patterned rug like this creates instant color for your patio. I like them in the kitchen as well, because if you drop stuff on them you don’t have to worry about staining them. They won’t get ruined like a wool rug or cotton rug. And this pattern happens to be very trendy right now.