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Anyone have the Eclipse or other retractable atrium cover?

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Joined: Jan 22 2004

I am trying to look at options once again for adding some sort of retractable cover over my atrium so the family can enjoy it in the winter months as well. I looked into the Rollmatic, which seems to be a proven solution, but the $17000 cost is more than I was hoping to spend.
I saw an artice on this site about the Eclipse louvered roof, which looks to cost around $4000. Has anyone tried one of these? I would love to get a look at one in action or a review of how you like it.
Lastly, Has anyone used another product or made up their own cover? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

John T
Castro Valley

Joined: Aug 25 2005

Hi John,
It's Nick from down the street. I have a Roll a Matic roof and we love it. It didn't work when we bought the house last year but I tested it and found that the coiled wiring harness was bad and needed to be replaced. I bought the harness direct from Roll a Matic, replaced it and it works fine now.

The major difference between the Roll a Matic roof and the louvered roof is the Roll a Matic roof uses double pane fiberglass panels and rubber seal around the edges so there is no draft and there is a good amount of R value in the roof. I have thermometers outside, inside and in the atrium. Here are tonights temperatures.
45 outside, 66 in the kitchen and 62 in the atrium.
On the cold nights last week, it would read.
37 outside, 64 in the kitchen and 55 in the atrium.
The cover helps also helps with the heat loss in the atrium facing windows. An added benefit would also be that when it's raining, there is no water that get's into the atrium. I think the louvered roofs would still be cold during the nights.
Come by and check it out.


Castro Valley

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