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domestic cold water feed pipe location in walls

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Hi, I presently have a leak under the slab between both of my bathrooms . I am trying to locate where the 3/4" feed lines are as they come up through the slab. Does anyone know . I opened up the wall by my rear bedroom sink and only the hot line feed is there.So typical of Eichlers not to do anything that makes any sense when they built these homes as to have both the hot and cold feed in the same spot or use any type of markings to designate which direction the water is traveling or which pipe is for which area. I am trying to avoid opening up a bunch of holes in different walls if I don't have to. I have a Claude Oakland 4 bedroom w/ atrium 2000 sq ft model and the area in question is the master bath. I was told the manifold was behind the toilet but if I look in the hall closet
which is to the back of the toilet there is the radiat heat manifold on the left and a clean out for the drain on the right. I was also tols it is bt the shower/ Any help would be appreciated or 510-333-3650
As a side note I will be making a location map of any pipes I find to help the next person out..

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construction methods in each enclave will be a bit different, but in many/most eichlers i've been in, what you're referring to comes up in a manifold in the hallway coat closet and in the back bedroom closet -- often covered with a box. code indicated that there could be no solder joints in the slab ergo everything coming up and joining here. there should be no need top open walls. in the middle photo below (of our coat closet) you can see three manifolds: radiant heat, cold and hot. the cold has more runs as the toilet, outside hose bib, etc. are only cold... the only hot lines are to each shower and each lav (4 total -- 2 in each closet fed from the single feed)...

if you're wondering, e-pipe worked wonderfully for us.

for more assistance, list your neighborhood and a few more specifics about the house (with pix?). and note that "nonsense" and "counter-convention" are two different things when looking at the methods and architecture of these homes.

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