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eichler kitchen table needs repair

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Joined: Feb 27 2010

we have an original eichler kitchen table. recently we had a commercial shoot in our home and the table was disassembled and a couple of items were lost. specifically, one of the metal strips that connects the top portion of the table to the bottom portion and allows the table to slide and extend. also, we are now missing the leaves that were inside the table, although i'm unsure if it was one leaf or two.

i figure the metal strip will be easy enough to have fabricated at a metal shop. luckily we still have one that they can just match. although, if anyone has one they no longer want or need i would prefer to just buy one.

the leaves seem to me to be a more difficult fix as i don't have specs of any sort, so i'm wondering if anyone has had a table constructed and could connect me with the master carpenter they used.

or, if you have original leaves, you you send me a couple of pictures?

any help would be greatly appreciated. i need to get together the costs so the production company can pay for the repairs.