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Expert witness

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Joined: Feb 8 2005

Hi, my wife and I closed escrow on our Eichler in March 2005.
My wife was 9 months pregnant and had spent the last month on bed rest.
The short version of our story is this.
The sellers failed to disclose a massive termite infestation. The Real estate agent was a friend of theirs and acted as a dual agent. He failed to disclose any knowledge of the termite infestation. The sellers testified under the penalty of perjury that they told their agent friend about the termites and he said not to worry about disclosing it. He was going to make sure that we had a termite report with the home inspection.
The inspection company missed all signs of the fully active infestation, and they too testified under the penalty of perjury that they should have seen all of the signs.

The real estate agent took out three insurance policies to protect himself, the seller, and us.
The company who supplied the so called policy is trying to get through every loophole that they created.
They are trying to deny coverage to us, and the sellers, yet they are paying for the real estate agent's attorneys.

So, I thought I'd look here to see if there is anyone qualified to be an expert witness for us. We need a real estate person, and an insurance person.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you