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First, do no harm

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It occurred to me that the hypocratic oath probably applies here as well!

Can you help me determine which of the following I should change?

(My front door is a large slab with a separate side opaque glass panel of equal size, almost identical to the picture on this site)
Front Door: Kick plate - not original - should I just remove it or replace with a brushed aluminum one?

Door handle - not original, but contemporary large handle.
Should I replace with a brushed aluminum knob, lever, or any contemporary handle?

Door Knocker - not original, but simple contemporary. I think I should just remove it altogether. Agree?

Baseboards and Door moulding: There are some fussy ones in the house
that were replaced. I KNOW I need to replace these with something simple, but I would really like to upgrade ALL the doors and trim in the
house. I was thinking maybe birch slab doors with square edged birch
door and baseboard trim, but this could get tricky around certain windows
that have white painted trim. Any suggestions on how to upgrade the trim
in the house?????? How high can the baseboard be - 4 inches, 6 inches?

Garage door: I have a fairly simple garage door, but not simple enough.
Does anyone know where to get a plain garage door?

My house is mainly brick, but there is a small amount of stone which I hate. There's a name for it that I can't remember, but it has a purple stone intermixed with grey. The brick is a greeny/gold tan. I would like to paint the front door a bright color, but the stone does not allow me to do this. What kind of stone suits these houses? Ledge stone or some other type. The ledge stone seems right to me???