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foam roof repair question

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Hi, I'm in escrow on an Eichler and there's an issue with the roof. The inspector said the following:

"The foam roof has damaged areas, the foam has bubbled in places and depress' s
when walked on. There are areas where water is ponding."

Read elsewhere...
"Polyurethane Foam roofing can sometimes develop blisters, the most common cause of which is due to the presence of moisture. The majority of blisters do not pose a threat to the integrity of the foam roofing system."

Here are a couple of pictures from the inspection:

The first supposedly shows the blisters, which were confirmed by another roofer that we had look at the roof. He wants to remove the foam roof, throw down insulation and plywood and put some other type of roof on (rubber?). After doing some research, repair seems like a better option with a foam roof.

What I want to know is -- how serious are the blisters? how expensive would it be to repair the spot in the second picture? and does anyone know a good foam roofing company in Southern California? I've already emailed Green Team Roofing in LA. No response yet.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I am by no means a roofing expert, simply a home owner with a foam roof. I had blisters show up about two years after I had the roof installed. I called the company that did the roof (one that is on this site) they came out as soon as the weather permitted. The blisters were repaired with very good results. The only difference is the white coating was whiter. At that time we also spoke to the roofers about some spots that seemed low to me and did have some ponding. Again when the weather allowed the spots were fixed. I am happy with my roof and it seems very sound and does not leak. I would not remove your roof with out having a foam roofer inspect it first.
Good luck,

Joined: May 4 2010

Thanks Margaret. After doing some research, I'd definitely want to go the repair route.

Do you mind telling me how much the repairs cost each time, if you remember?

Joined: Sep 16 2005

The repairs were at no cost to me. It was covered by the roofer. Perhaps if you could find out who installed your roof. It may be under warranty as well.

Joined: May 4 2010

Unfortunately, it was installed four years ago by a company that is now out of business. It had a twenty-year warranty but it's probably no good now.

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When you decide to sell your Eichler - have the roof cleaned up and touched up...BEFORE putting the house on the market. If it looks dirty, have it RE-COATED and deliver a GUARANTEE to the buyer.
All this trouble, uncertainty and worry is avoided.
It is possible that your repairs will only be about $200.

Foam roofing is technical and unforgiving....and NOBODY studies to become a roofer. Roofer are usually guys that can't be General Contractors or use math with decimals. Unhealthy companies will use 'overly optimistic' Warranties to sell their roofs to 'overly optimistic' Eichler owners.
The most reliable cars, electronics, appliances, and roofs usually have the shortest warranty.
Toyota - 5 years
Kia - 10 years (and it comes with Roadside Assistance), does this makes the Kia twice as reliable as the Toyota, or half as reliable?
The very best Warranty is one you don't ever need to use.

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Misguided Contractors and roofers will often cut out a piece of a foam roof to replace some bad wood underneath. They then throw the piece of foam roof away, and tell the poor owner to call a foam roofing company. A. Foaming a small piece of roof can cost upward of $2,200. B. Reinstalling the old piece of roof and caulking the joint is $75 labor and $12 for the, this would be cheaper, right? The trouble is that Pest Companies and most regular roofers and contractors handle this poorly. This is how they handle tar roofs. When a foam roof piece is reinstalled per our instructions, it is hard to tell that it was ever removed. The expensive refoaming a small hole in the roof is less attractive, and costs waaay more than doing it right.

I believe the proposed fix suggested to you is a bad idea. Anything he puts in the hole in the roof can/will soak up water. Ed Carrol at the Green Team Roofing in LA will give you good advice.

Please let us know how this turns out. To me, the photos appeared to be the proverbial 'polar bear in a snow storm'.
Randy from Dura-Foam Solar Center

Joined: May 4 2010

Randy -- Thank you for your thoughts on this.

Ed from Green Team will actually be handling the repairs. It looks like it will be around $500 for the whole job.

Joined: Aug 16 2007

I had a similarly bad experience with another foam roofing company doing a quote on a skylight replacement that wanted to do a $3K foam truck roll for that purpose. Unbelievable.

Joined: Apr 20 2006

I'm with you !
See my ' Pet Peeve #3' two posts above.
Sending a Foam Truck to seal a skylight curb is like sending a Firetruck to water your potted pansy.
It doesn't work for us (economically), and that's why we discourage it.
Skylights sit on a wood box, and are independent of the roof.
There must be something else happening on your roof.
Randy from Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

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