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Former Eichler Owner

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Joined: Mar 13 2006

I enjoyed reading the article in the L.A. Times on March 4, 2006 which featured Eichler Homes. We owned a new Eichler in the Oakland Hills in 1967. It was at 8081 Phaeton Drive. We only lived there about 8 months when my husband was transferred but we LOVED the home.....lots of light, radiant heating, atrium and fabulous view. (The whole back of the house was big windows and looked out over the whole Bay Area.

We seem to fit the profile of many Eichler owners: we graduated from Cal in the 50's, read Ayn Rand and were fans of Frank Lloyd Wright. We owned an original Eames chair (his) and a DUX chair (hers). We had a Danish Modern teak dining room set.

We're wondering who lives there now and any changes they have made. We didn't have time to do all the landscaping and figure out how we would plant the atrium.

The only thing we didn't like was the flooring. I was interested in the pebble floors shown in the article which seem a lot better than the fake terrazo. It was white linoleum (?) with lots of 1/4 indentations meant to look like stone. It was awful to keep clean.

I'm not so sure the exteriors would have weathered well. The wood would have to have been oiled frequently to keep it looking good.

Patti and Allan Kingston

Joined: Apr 26 2003

I don't have any infomation about your former home, but if you would like some general information about the neighborhood, you can look at the neighborhood's website,

It is also fun to look up information on houses you have owned on They have listed the sales price of houses and an estimate of the current worth.

I am now a former Eichler owner myself.

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