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Front Porch Light Repair Procedure

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My Fairbrea Eichler is now 50 years old. It came with three outsite fixtures with six inch glass globes. One outside the front door and two in the atrium. One recently failed (opened) due to corossion in the ceramic socket. If you turn off the power, unscrew the thumb nut and disconnect two wirenuts you can remove the fixture. You can remove the porcelin socket by bending up the center terminal and unscrewing the 6-32 slot screw. A replacement socket is available at Bay Lighting Supply, 979 El Camino Real, Santa Clara. Ask for Stock Code D280 (PORC MED BASE SOCKET W/0632 CTR SCREW) $2.95 +tax. The center contact has a hole in it so no bending is required. The new screw needs a number 0 (zero) square drive. Orient the socket so the tab on the fixture goes into the slot on the new socket and screw the screw in. Reinstall the fixture and turn the power on.