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HELP! How to ID post-modern decor & how/where to sell

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Hey Everybody,

My husband's mom moved into a skilled nursing facility a few weeks ago & we are in the middle of wondering what to do with all of her stuff. Although a lot of it is from the late 50's to late 60's, I'm not exactly sure if it is close enough to post-modernism to be of any interest to fans/collectors of post-modern stuff.

I know this forum is not for selling, I am only hoping for some insight into who to ask if these items are "Eichler-esque" & if they are, how/where to sell them since we are done with decorating our Eichler but would love for these things to go to a home that would appreciate their mid-century style.

Any help is appreciated!! E-mail directly to

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post some pictures of the items and I'm sure someone will tell you...

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We are entertaining offers on these really hard-to-find mid-century items my hubby's mom had in their house all the years they were growing up in starting in 1951. I hate to just put them in our upcoming garage sale when an Eichler-phile might enjoy them more in the context they were meant for! Giving you guys first dibs!

Have these really cool carved wooden tropical fruits on a banana leaf (?) from the 50's, in perfect condition escept for a few of the grapes are loose from the cluster:

Here's what they look like put together:

And very, very 50's kid's room decor scrolls in beautiful shape -can't find these things anywhere I'm sure!

Please email me if you have any questions or to make us an offer!! Thanks everybody!

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