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The horrible "updates" that some people are doing.

Let me take a moment to vent, and I'd appreciate any feedback:

I currently live in San Francisco but have been eyeing homes in the Highlands for some time and now I'm starting to get serious about buying one. I love the homes, the people and the neighborhood. Well, except for those high-power lines. Ahem.

I've been hitting every open-house Eichler and am absolutely horrified as to what people are doing under the guise of "updates". I'm not talking about taking some liberties with using more modern materials and the like, I mean like having kitchens and bathrooms that are taken out of some sort of Country Farmhouse type theme. Stuff that I'd find in poor taste in almost any home but looks absolutely evil inside an Eichler.

I think everyone would like to find an Eichler with good bones that has everything dated and maybe lots of stuff that needs fixin' but is priced accordinly, but these homes are getting more and more difficult to find.

I cringe when I see the real estate ad list "Updated kitchen!" and never seem to be able to prepare myself when I walk in and see that someone has probably spent very good money making the Eichler kitchen into sort of bright country-kitchen.

While I totally understand that a home is a home and you can buy it and burn it to the ground if you so desire, and I to an extent understand what another poster is trying to do but the Eichlers are such a unique place, it's painful to see what is done to some of them, especially when looking to own one.