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House number recs for an Eichler

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We just finished remodeling our 5 br Eichler and now we're down to that last, nasty 20% of details. We previously had some house numbers on the front and I had them removed so we could 'update' the look.

I've seen the LED numbers on Chiasso, some simple numbers at Home Depot, and the numbers at All are doable. We'd like to go w/ more of the metal look.

1) Any suggestions?
2) Has any one tried the solar LEDs ones? If so, how do you like them?
3) I'm open to suggestions on placement. The existing light fixture will be replaced w/ a camera, the wiring is already in place. I could put it on the front, but it would most likely have to be vertical. Or, I could put it somewhere above the mailbox but then it's a bit close to the door. Ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help.


DSCN0215.JPG by oldskoolboarder, on Flickr


IMG_4080 by oldskoolboarder, on Flickr

At night

P7200115 by oldskoolboarder, on Flickr

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Do you want your house numbers to match the house, or to match the raised-panel door and traditional styled lights?

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papamarcos wrote:
Do you want your house numbers to match the house, or to match the raised-panel door and traditional styled lights?

House. That traditional light is actually 'dead'. In the lighted picture, the light comes from fluorescent gutters that are painted the beam colors, hence why you can't really see them unless you know they are there. That lamp is only there to cover the hole.

The light above the garage door is a motion light.

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Urf, not the LED ones - solar is gimmicky and unreliable - imagine when they glow inconsistent colors...

Surely your contractor can repair the siding - you've put enough effort into the rest of the house to let such a glaring cosmetic thing go.

I really like the original style numbers, but it's not clear your present lighting scheme throws enough light onto their mounting location.

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You probably already bought your numbers, but in case you didn't - the metal numbers that go well with Eichlers are "Neutra Numbers". If you google that you'll see lots or pictures. They're not particularly cheap, though. Hope that's helpful,


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Something I've been thinking of doing, but never got around to. Take a picture of a number of original numbers, adjust so they match in size via photoshop. Print them out and cut out some acrylic ones that match and side light them with LEDs.


Mark Hoy Sunnyvale Eichler Owner

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I saw some nice ones at Belmont Hardware. They're on the soffit towards the back. If it has a website, check there.

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