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How do you hide the seam when re-paneling a room?

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Joined: Aug 6 2010

I am thinking of adding the 4x8 mahogany luan paneling to our den - you can see it in the link. the original wood is more like 70s paneling [narrow strips]. Is there any trick to dealing with the seams when you abut two pieces of paneling?
You can see the room here if you scroll down - sorry I don't know how to use the image button thingy here - but thanks in advance for any advice

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you kind of live with them -- part of the charm, as they say. otherwise, you might think to use a bit of PL (adhesive) when installing and use brad nails in your nailer rather than the traditional crown staples which show a lot more.

we installed shelving over ours and the shelving standards "hid" the seams... perhaps something like that would work for you.

Joined: Aug 6 2010

Thanks for the tips - I was thinking about putting some trim around them - almost framing them as they float on the wall surrounded by grass cloth wallpaper or something like that.
But I will look into what you suggested - thanks!

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