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Need help finding type of Eichler siding

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I have a question about eichler siding. Plumbers had to do a job on my house and they had to remove a large portion of the siding. In the process, unfortunately, they damaged many boards.

What I have appears to be pine panels: one large 5 inch wide panel attached to a smaller 4 1/4 one. Both are 3/8 inch thick, so when glued together, they are 3/4 inch thick. The protruding section (resulting from overlaying the planks) is 1 1/4, but when they are nailed to the wall, the groove is 1 inch (so 1/4 inch of one plank is under the other).

Does anyone know where I kind find this kind of siding? I called Groove Tech plywood siding (Jeff Nichols) and unfortunately he does not make this kind of siding.

Here are links to the photos:

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Free Eichler Siding from a 1958 E-111 or E-121 Eichler home in Palo Alto, impeccably maintained.
Please email me to get the address of where to pick it up. The home is sold, but we must get rid of this extra siding before close of escrow.

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