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Need a new roof - looking for foam

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we have a mcm ranch with an eichler-style roof (exposed beam ceilings with tar & gravel directly on top) in Morgan Hill.  House has low-slope roof and the garage roof is flat.  We really need to replace the tar & gravel roof and I would like to add insulation, so was thinking foam.  I'm finding it's almost impossible to find a roofer that does foam and will do a job in Morgan Hill. 

Got one estimate but would like to get at least one other before making a final decision.  Can anyone recommend a foam roofer?  (Send a PM directly to the poster and/or put recommendations in the Rec Room section of this forum.)

Thank you so much!

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HazelDazel, is there a reason you are only considering foam roofing? Have you considered a rigid insulation with single-ply PVC roof?


Chandler's Roofing and Solar

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What would the price comparison be? With the single ply installation is there a complete tear off involved with new down spots, facia, flashing, etc? I would be interested to know more I have an Eichler in need of a roof as well. Thank you in advance.

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A single-ply roof is going to be more expensive than a foam roof, but the benefits, longevity, maintenance and warranty are far greater. Yes, in most cases you would do a complete tear-off and would reinstall all new flashings, edge metal and check for rotted lumber on facia and T&G deck of your Eichler home. However, some cities will allow a second roof layer if the existing roof and structure are in good shape and single-ply roofs can be put on as what is called a "re-cover", though this is not typically our recommended approach unless the existing roof has been well taken care of, shows no signs of leaks and there is no evidence of rotted lumber. A single-ply recover will be less expensive because you are not incurring the tear-off costs.

The benefits of a single-ply IB Roof System over a foam roof are substantial and should seriously be considered before making your choice, particularly if this is a home you are going to live in or own for a long time.

1- On a residential home, IB provides a lifetime "edge-to-edge" warranty on the system.
2- No exclusions in the IB warranty for ponding water which is a persistent problem with the low slope Eichler homes.
3- Very little required maintenance for the life of the IB roof as opposed the necessary maintenance and coatings that are required for the life a foam roof.
4- IB roofs carry one of the highest solar reflectance values out of any roofing system on the market, meaning your roof and home are going to be much cooler in the summer months.
5- IB roofs are lightweight and ideal for the post-and-beam structures of an Eichler home.
6- IB roofs can be installed with a grid polyiso insulation. This provides the added insulation in the summer and winter months, helping to keep the ambient temperature of the home more consistent throughout the year.
7- IB roofs can be installed in varying colors if your Eichler roof is visible from above.
8- IB roofs work great with low duct AC systems.
9- IB roofs are ideal for solar installations if you are considering solar in the future.
10- IB Roofs require no messy sprays, hot tar, or open flames on the roof as the membrane is mechanically fastened then all seams are hot-air welded.

Hope this helps!

Chandler's Roofing

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