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New flooring/windows for Eichler home

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Hi Everyone,

my wife and I just bought an Eichler home in Sunnyvale, CA. We are looking at doing a lot of work inside, including redoing the floors. Right now, it's tile everywhere. Can anyone give me their experience with wood flooring, we're especially interested in putting in bambo engineered flooring (wide planks)? Another option would be porcelain tiles... The long and wide type, but these are very costly. I hear they work very well with radiant heating, so that would be a plus.

Also we would like to change all the windows to double-pane... We have one quote so far but would be interested if someone can recommend a reliable company with 'decent' prices. It's a lot of money so we want to do it right. Window recommendations can be sent directly to nicolas.juillard AT

Thank you in advance for your help!
Best regards,


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not sure if you already got the job done.

we evaluated all double pain windows and sliders across the price spectrum and went with a local manufacturer. We are beyond satisfied with the outcome both in terms of the aesthetic, quality of product and the contractors were clean and meticulous, which was a considerable first for us given our long history with messy and undisciplined contractors. All this and a fairly affordable price.

Anyway these guys dont advertise heavily they are mostly busy through word of mouth. If you are still looking ping me back. We have an eichler in Burlingame and you would be welcome to come check out the final product if you are still in the market.


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When we bought our Eichler six months ago it had a variety of flooring: tile, bamboo, and wall to wall carpeting. After experiencing the difference in how well the radiant heating worked through the different flooring types we are now tearing up all of the carpeting and bamboo and replacing it with tile. The tile just heats up so quickly, stays warm a long time after the heat is off, and feels wonderful.

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