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Oven question: gasket?

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Joined: Mar 25 2003

I have an original oven whose door won't shut all the way. I've ordered a new spring, but am now wondering if there's also supposed to be some type of gasket on the inside of the door to seal the heat in. Do any of you original oven owners have a gasket?

Joined: Apr 2 2003

Hi Tom,

I have a Thermador that might be a year or two newer than yours--it's a double oven with a window in the upper oven only.

On both ovens, there is a a rubber gasket that runs along the edge of the oven cavity. The inside of the oven door is formed to match the cavity/gasket. (Not sure if that description makes sense. Let me know.)

Basically, I don't think you can ensure a heat seal with simply a metal to metal contact so a gasket is almost a certainty. Have you had the oven looked at by a service person yet? If so, did they comment on a gasket (or lack thereof)?


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The slightly 'bent' door is a common issue with those ovens. Someone once posted here that it can be bent back by putting a towel in the crease and pushing it back but I have not yet succeeded with that method. My oven still works fine even though the door does not close completely.

The original Thermador WO-18A 'Masterpiece' oven did not come with a gasket and works just fine without one.

Please compare your oven to this original 1956 brochure. No gasket visible:

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