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Radiant Heat Broiler Pilot Light Wont' Stay Lit

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Joined: May 8 2003

I think I have the old original broiler and the pilot light won't stay lit.

My guess is that the thermal couple if broken and won't generate enough electricity, but maybe there is a trick on turning on the pilot light that someone can point out.

I tried holding down the red button to release gas to the pilot and stuck a lit match to light it. I held it for 2 minutes and released. The pilot light goes out when the red button is released. I did not see any dials that had "on", "off", "pilot" on the unit like some websites suggested

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year


Here is a picture to the gas control unit connected to the thermal couple

- J

Joined: May 8 2003

As I had guessed, it was the thermocouple unit that went bad. Bill Lipp senior came out and replaced the unit in about 50 min. Cost was $300, but it is what it is. It was New Years day.

Glad it was fixed quickly.

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