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Radiant Heat Flooring Questions

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I'm in the process of updating the VCT that's in my house and am being advised against porcelain tile by my contractor. He is worried that we will lose too much heat and won't be happy with it because the house will be cold. I beleive he has our best interests at heart, but I think he's being too conservative. I've seen several Eichlers with tile flooring.

What are people's experiences with radient heat and tile? The one we're looking at is a 10mm thick tile. The other thing we're considering is click-down marmoleum, but I think tile would look better.


Joined: Apr 19 2007

based solely on the knowledge of the materials, the tile should transfer heat wonderfully, click down lino on a plasticized backing with a foam underlayment would be far worse, methinks. if your contractor used a vibration barrier under the tile (ditra, etc.), it might be another story, but still likely better than click-down.

tile: warm concrete > thinset > tile = good

click down: warm concrete > foam underlayment > plasticized wood > linoluem = bad

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