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Really Old Arcadia Sliding Door Latch/Unit/Part Needed

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Good Evening,

I was provided this web-site by one of the managers of Arcadia Door company in Los Angeles, in hopes of finding a solution.

My father purchased a home in Montebello (suburb of Los Angeles) in 1962. The home has a sliding glass door in the living room, using an Arcadia latch. Well, about five years ago, a small spring within the unit finally gave way. My dad was able to make a temporary spring out of a metal clothes-pin. However, it finally gave way, and I'm looking to actually replace the entire unit, or find a pin that was actually made for the unit.

After searching everywhere, I thought I struck gold when I found out that Arcadia Door company had a location in Los Angeles. When I went there, one of the managers was very nice to spend 30 minutes with me, and my photographs of my dad's Arcadia door. Unfortunately, he was at a loss for words, being that the door/latch unit was so old. However, he did suggest that I try this current web-site for suggestions.

So here is where I stand before you all. Does anybody have a good source for parts for an Arcadia latch that dates back to the early 1960s? Please send resources directly to: cdpxq AT

I was hoping to attach some pictures of his door/latch to this web-site, but I can't find a place to attach anything.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


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Have you tried the manufacturer?

Try "replacement parts" at the bottom, my 64 eichler appears to be using series 700 parts.


---Thank You

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Are you talking about the Arcadia latch assembly for the sliding door or the screen door. I have the assembly for the sliding door. It is for a door that opens left to right. I found out the hard way that they are different depending on the way the door opens.

Let me know.


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do you still have the old arcadia sliding door locks/openers


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