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Remodeling update - new photos

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Joined: Aug 30 2003

Thought I would share with you the latest remodeling project photos: re-painting the ceiling and cutting out new windows in the dining room. See then click the forward arrows to go to the next page.

The project is really moving along quickly. Rough framing will be completed next week and the new windows and sliding glass doors will start going in. Electrical rewiring should be mostly done by that time, and then the new floor tile installation will begin, along with sheetrocking.

1959 A. Quincy Jones atrium model in The Highlands, San Mateo

Joined: Mar 21 2003

Finish floor material going in before the walls are complete? That sounds a bit out of order. . .

Joined: Oct 10 2003

Those new windows are gorgeous! So, will you now have no walls in your common areas, except for your kitchen? Or is there still a wall between the old LR and the garage? Sounds wonderful either way.

Joined: Sep 16 2005

Thanks for taking the time to post the is fun to see the progress. What brand and color of paint did you do your ceiling. The color in the photos looks outstanding.
I am looking forward to the next update.

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