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resurfacing fireplace

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Joined: Mar 25 2003

I just came across this rehab story from LA:,0,5497653.photogallery?index=4

The reporter states that the fireplace was resurfaced with a cinderblock finish. I suspect that it's an example of a reporter getting the facts incorrect, especially considering the $5000 price tag for the whole rehab. But if true, I'd love to know if this is possible and how to get it done here in the bay area. Even though I'm pretty much a purist, switching out my original clinker brink for something that looks like original cinderblock wouldn't cause me to lose any sleep.

Joined: Mar 21 2003

It is possible. We were not satisfied with our efforts to remove all the paint some previous own had "improved" our brick fireplace with. So we ended up hiring a mason to remove the brick and re-do it. Basically the same job as shown in the photo of the article you linked.

Don't recall the exact price, and I cannot recommend the mason we used. The job came out okay but there was other issues that would preclude me from recommending him.

But, yes, it is possible. Ask around your neighbors, local home improvement store, etc. for a recommendation for a brick mason.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

she spent $50,000 on furniture and renovations. it's a typo online.

refacing the pretty common. Any mason could do it. If you are handy, you could diy. One thing, though. Be sure what you do inside matches the outside, especially in an Eichler where you often can see both interior and exterior of a fire place at the same time.

My neighbor refaced her concrete block fireplace the same way as the Granada Hills Eichler and it turned out great. Can't tell at all.

Joined: Dec 24 2003

Has anyone tried to smooth out the brick fireplace with the concrete? How about tinting the concrete in a nice color for the interior part of the fireplace. I thought it would be nice but not sure if it will work.

Joined: Jun 28 2003


I had my brick fireplace Venetian glazed a couple of years ago and it turned out to be stunning (well, *I* think it is.) The color is sort of a salmon. Looks good


Joined: Dec 24 2003

Thanks for the info. I cleaned the fireplace with salt, detergent and Oxiclean and I am pleasantly surprised that it looks great. Then I glazed it in medium gloss. It looks nice and clean. I think I will leave it as that.

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