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Sealing "Stonekrete"

The "Stonekrete" atrium inside my house was installed about 10 years ago, before I purchased my Eichler. I find that this surface scuffs very easily. What product should I use to seal the surface without radically altering the patina? I would like something waterproof, but I don't want a shiny finish. Here are three pictures you may wish to view:

1. Example of scuffing
2. entire floor (ignore wet spots)
3. Box of extra 12X12 Stonekrete pavers with one removed from box.

I do not know what Stonekrete is, and the Stonekrete website is particularly brain dead. My guess is that Stonekrete is a colored concrete made to look like stone.

Thanks for your suggestions. And by the way, no, I'm not interested in renting a jackhammer to restore the original flooring to the atrium.

Robert Fenerty