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See Milgard sliding windows?

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Has anyone installed Milgard sliding windows that I could possibly come look at? Ideally, I'd like to see some that have been in use a decade or so, to also see how they hold up. I live in Palo Alto. Alternatively, does anyone know of a store that has a display of them? Send store recommendatyions directly to: jauchart AT

I want to replace the sliding windows along the back wall of my Eichler. It has been suggested to me that I replace them with either Blomberg (expensive) or Milgard windows (half the cost).

Does anyone know what real difference there is between these brands? I've been told that the Blombergs are good, but overpriced. Are the Milgards of noticably less quality? The key issue for me is ease of use--my wife hates the old sliders because they don't slide. We want something that slides easily and will last.