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If you've installed your own siding (or are a contractor who has and is willing to share), please post some helpful tips.

I know about leaving a 1/4" gap between the sheets for expansion, and also to prime the edges and back of the sheets.  

Any other helpful tips?  My goal is to avoid the ugly gaps I see around my neighborhood :)

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We haven't done it yet, but we're also gearing up for a siding project and would be interested to read any tips or tricks that are out there.  Search isn't turning up much.

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Hi Folks,

Though we don't install the siding we produce, we can offer some tips.

First of all, you don't need a 1/4" gap between the panels. Here's what I have learned from asking contractors this question who do install it.

1/8" is OK, and some even use less. The key is not to jamb the siding in so tight that when the weather changes and the panels swell that you get buckling. I have personally seen this happen only on one home and that was years ago. Upon examination the installation was not very good at all, and clearly was put in much too tight.

I also have an entire list of "tips" on my web-site:

Hope this helps.

Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols Eichler Siding

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