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Wanted: Glass to fit original Arcadia slider

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Joined: Aug 16 2004

My daughter just learned that the glass in a slider is thick enough to stop a hockey puck, but that it won't survive the hit.
Now i have a crack in my front slider and i have to fix it.
Outside frame dimensions are 37" X 86"; glass seems to be about 33.5" x 83" x .25" thick.
Does anyone have one of these sitting around?
Or is there a recycle yard these go to to die?
Thanks for your help.

Joined: Oct 10 2003

your local reputable glass shop should be able to take care of you, there's nothing particularly different about these sliders that they cant handle. We had a stump grinder shoot some debris at ours a couple years back and its as good as new.

With the bonus being that your new glass is sure to be tempered glass.


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