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Wanted: Original Eichler Globe lights (At least 2)

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Joined: Oct 18 2013

Hi folks

This is my first post on the Eichler network, so greetings to you all.  I recently moved into an atrium model Eichler in the bay area (fairglen).  I'm looking to replace 2x pendant lights with original globe lights.

I'm assuming I need 12" lights but given supply is pretty tight I will consider other sizes.

Hope you can help!


Joined: Jan 17 2014

We have removed our old ones. Are you still interested? I may have 2 large ones and 2 smaller ones.

Joined: Apr 5 2013

If the original poster isn't interested, I very much am! Looking for one (or two) 10" globe lights... Thanks!

- Buddy

Joined: Jul 22 2003

We have a 10" globe and the original holder fixture, looking for a good home. Call 1-925-682-2188 and ask for Phyllis. We also have an original Eichler kitchen drawer and an original doorknob. We are located in Concord.

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