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Where to Buy Skylight

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Joined: Aug 29 2005

Any one change their Skylight lately? We have a acrylic/plastic skylight housed in a aluminum casing in our hallway that needs to be replaced due to significant crack in the skylight.

In checking with Lowe's and HD, it seems that that they do not carry the size (approx 21 3/8 inches)

Would appreciate any information, including any handymen that you have had a good experience in installing these. Please send service company recommendations directly to rgulati2004 AT yahoo DOT com

Thanks in advance

Joined: Aug 12 2004

Had the same problem, but with the OEM skylight's steel frame paint molding.

That size is not stocked and is special order.

So I bought a double pane from HomeDepot and made the transition framing from the OEM to the larger HD skylight.

Just take some 2x4's and make a frame that touches the old frame on the bottom, inside perimeter. Then the outside is ripped to match the new skylight. I used plated deck screws to fasten everything.

I also raised the framing as I had DuraFoam coming out to re-roof.

Sealed it with Sikaflex at the joints and used it to glue the aluminum flashing I made from a roll of aluminum gutter flashing.

Painted it with exterior primer and finish, both had a small packet of fungaside (sp?) added. Painted inside and outside with the same stuff.

DuraFoam then sprayed up the side to seal the roof to it.

If you are not re-roofing, then use whatever is recommended for your type of roof.

Should have done the same thing for the 4 foot x 4 foot skylight in the living room. It's curb is a bit too low and is on the list of things for spring/summer.

I put a 3rd layer of plastic (polycarbinate) on the 4 footer and am also going to ditto on the hall skylight next spring/summer. Because I bought an IR heat gun and checked the whole house for heat leaks. The sky lights show too much heat. The lowest temp was the 4 footer and it must be the 3rd panel, as it's the same brand/model as the hall way (both from HD). It should have the highest heat, as it has the most surface area and it's operable (opens), so more potential for heat loss, but doesn't.

Joined: Dec 20 2004

My foam roofing installer sold me one when they resealed my house. You can also get them from a Skylight manufacture locally.

For heat loss I fit a piece of plasic inside before mounting it. I use some double sided weather stripping to seal it all around against the skylight and the curb.


-- Ralph

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