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where there any Eichler apartments in LA, mid-60's?

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I just bought a townhouse built in 1964 and it has many Eichler hallmarks---parquet floors, cedar panel walls and ceilings, glass transoms, generous exterior overhangs, plus jalousi (sp?) windows and floor vents. Any ideas? The HOA could tell me nothing abt the architect or builder. They only knew that the 16-unit complex (3 buildings total) was originally built as apartments. It's located in Brentwood. Of course, it could be "Eichler-style" but I'm hoping....

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parquet floors have nothing to do with eichlers. Eichler never built any apartments in LA. I suggest to post your find at There's a good chance someone will know your building and who designed it as many members of the LA Modern Committee frequent the board there.


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