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Which model is my Eichler?

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Also, is there a way of getting a copy of the plan?
I'm in Willow Glen...



Willow Glen

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Hi Mike,

I'm trying to remember--I think the building permit I found attached to a stud in my garage listed the model number. (I think there was also an entry in the permit search that my real estate agent did as part of my purchase.) My floorplan was SJ-1534. I'll email you a thumbnail of my floorplan and you can see if it matches yours.

Failing that, you can describe your interior layout and we can probably come up with the model number and possibly a picture of the floorplan.

There were at least 2 of Eichler's architect teams working in the Fairglen tract in Willow Glen---Jones & Emmons, which I think yours likely is, and Ashen & Allen.

It appears few, if any, original owners received actual blueprints. However, the blueprints for some of Eichler's architect teams have been made availabe for sale (reference, not for construction). To the best of my knowledge, Jones and Emmons ' blueprints were never made public.


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