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Youngstown Kitchen Cabinets

I am going to remodel a kitchen in my house in San Clemente, CA that was built in 1946. The cabinets in the kitchen were manufactured by Mullins Manufacturing Corporation in Warren, Ohio and are called "Youngstown Kitchens by Mullins". They are white metal cabinets and basically the same cabinets that are in the kitchen scene of "Bridges of Madison County". When I saw that movie I was amazed to see the exact kitchen components I have in my house. I am not sure if these cabinets are of any interest to someone doing a 50's +/- renovation and I would hate to see them go into a dumpster. I also don't know if they are something an Eichler renovator would be interested in. I am merely trying to find someone that might be doing a "period" remodel and would like to acquire them. I have no idea of their value and I am not trying to refinace my kitchen remodel by selling them. Any information about their value (I would consider them in good condition) and where I might connect with people that might have an interest would be appreciated. Sincerely, Lee

P.S. They will be removed sometime late April / first of May 2006