2019 Directory Still Available

Network to expand service company roster for its 2020 Home Maintenance Directory
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront

While the Eichler Network is in the midst of expanding its roster of the high-quality Bay Area service companies that they will feature in the forthcoming 2020 Home Maintenance Directory, a handful of copies of the print edition of the 2019 Directory still remain available (for $8 postpaid) for Eichler homeowners who may have missed the mailing earlier this year.

If trying to find a reliable contractor who knows how to work on your mid-century modern home makes you feel like a stranger in a strange land, then it makes sense to look to the Network's annual Directory as the go-to resource for successful Eichler maintenance and remodeling. Here's a flip-book edition of the 2019 Directory.

In short, says veteran single-ply roofer John ‘Sonny' Rossi, the Eichler Network's Home Maintenance Directory "is a list of people that actually do work on that style of house."

It's a long ‘list' too. The 2019 issue contains 34 pages of profiles of more than 40 modern home specialists in 13 different categories of work, plus contact information for another 60-plus contractors in those and other types of services.

The roster ranges from businesses that do most or all their work on Eichlers—like Jeff and Annette Nichols' company, Eichler Siding—to ones like Rossi and his San Mateo-based Cal-Pac Roofing.

"You can't buy that stuff [elsewhere,]" Rossi noted of Eichler Siding, which evolved many years ago to fill a vacuum of sources for grooved exterior siding compatible with this type of home.

"I think they [the Network] get some of most qualified, dedicated contractors in the business, the crème de la crème," said Cheryl Smith, CEO of the firm that bears her husband's name, Los Gatos-based Sean Smith Electric Inc. "It's an honor and a privilege to be part of the [Network's directory] magazine."

Eichlers constitute about 70 percent of the business done by Smith Electric, as opposed to about ten percent for Cal-Pac, but both companies appreciate being affiliated with a consortium of preferred professionals like the Eichler Network.

"I think that there's some level of trust that's assumed" when Eichler owners link up with an Eichler Network-referred company, said Rossi, Cal-Pac San Mateo's general manager. Homeowners can rest assured, he said, "These people know what an Eichler is—you don't have to explain it to them."