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When Joe Eichler met architect Aaron Green—a 'lost' Eichler development that broke the design mold

There is yet another Green-Eichler collaboration, and one that had not been part of the Highlands project. The owner of this Palo Alto Green-Eichler house, who contracted with Aaron Green in 1965, cherishes his privacy and refuses to open the home to reporters.

But he will tell its story. He found Green after interviewing several architects who didn't understand the sort of modern design he was after. The owner loved Green's plan, which includes a soaring ceiling and a glass-walled living space—but construction bids came in high.

So Green, who, a few years earlier, had worked with Eichler on plans for the never-built Highlands addition, suggested: "Maybe if I design it to use standard Eichler material and techniques, I could get Joe Eichler interested in it."

It worked. The man and his wife raised three children in the house, and live there still. "The design was for us. It's a nice, tidy little house."

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