Artist Celebrates the Eichlers

Painter David Imlay Adds Mid-century Modern Homes to His Retro Repertoire

Imlay Eichler paintings

David Imlay didn’t know much about Eichler homes when Zinc Details, the modern furniture store in San Francisco, asked him to paint them for a showroom exhibit.

Today nine of those paintings are on view through September 7 at Dolores Park Café, 501 Dolores Street (at 18th Street - near Dolores Park) in San Francisco.

But Imlay, an artist whose paintings focus on classic cars, motels with neon signage, and odd corners of San Francisco, knew he could handle Eichlers. “I’m very interested in mid-century and retro,” he says.

Imlay’s textures are dense, his color harmonies subtle, his touch closer to ‘old master’ than photo-realist.

Imlay’s Eichler paintings, which go for roughly $500 to $1,500, have sold well, including to one couple that spotted their home. “It’s our house,” they said, “but the paint job is a little bit different.”

Imlay, who lives and works in San Francisco, is planning future Eichler exhibits—and, yes, he does commissions. Visit

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