Bathrooms on the Rebound - Page 5

Giving life back to the mid-century modern bath -- remodeled projects, new products and tips

vanityMix and match. Design a vanity to fit the size and storage needs of your bathroom with the Blox component system by Xylem. You determine the number of cabinets, which can include drawers, a door, or shelf.


Keycon, Inc.:
Sue R. Olson Designs:

For your next bathroom upgrade project, consider the Eichler Network's team
of 'Preferred Service Companies':

General Contractors:
• Keycon, Inc. (S.F. peninsula): 650-965-1256
• Bay West Builders (Palo Alto):
• Calvert Ventures (San Mateo area):
• Larco Construction Services (East Bay): 925-827-9119

• Klopf Architecture (San Mateo area):
• M-Designs (Palo Alto):

Interior design:
• Sue R. Olson Designs (throughout Bay Area):

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