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Opulent modernist project strives to blend with its choice private-beach Marin location
Fridays on the Homefront
The planned location of the Paradise Drive home is spectacular, looking out to the beautiful Bay.

"It was kind of an eye-opening experience," he admitted, "so I continue to create work in that vocabulary."

"That California modern aesthetic is something we're drawn to in all our work," Bailey said of a design resume built over a decade-plus working with Fougeron Architecture, Plau Young Architecture, and most recently Zimmerman + Associates.

"I love the Eichlers," the transplanted San Franciscan said cheerily, noting that he had shopped for such a home in Lucas Valley before deciding to build a new house. One can see this admiration in his many flat-roofed designs and choice of radiant heating for 3820 Paradise Drive.

Fridays on the Homefront
This home, which features a butterfly roof, was designed by Bailey in conjunction with Zimmerman + Associates. It is currently under construction in Healdsburg. Rendering courtesy Sean Bailey Design

"It hopefully will perform pretty well," Bailey posited of the radiant heat, a system which he said trades "a little more up front cost" in order that its "efficiency pays off and then some" in the long haul.

Given the beauty of a bayside beachfront, he said, "The challenge for us is creating something that doesn't compete with it."

To accomplish this, Bailey designed sightlines all the way through the property to the bay when approached from its winding driveway, plus a water feature cascading toward the sandy shore. The property is elevated above the bay in part to protect against climate-caused sea rise, but gently slopes to the water on a series of terraces.

Fridays on the Homefront
This striking modern design is an earlier design by Bailey that was built in Belvedere. Courtesy Sean Bailey Design

"The owners were very conservative about that," Bailey said regarding the elevated building pad. As a result, the feeling of being on one of the world's most famous bays, Deitch added, is not dissipated in the slightest.

"That house, what makes it so different is how connected it is to the beach," bubbled the realtor. "You could be floating in the pool and feel like you're in the bay!"

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