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Marin couple's down-home blog primed for comeback after two-year parenthood hiatus
Fridays On the Homefront
The Krone family: (L-R) Nadine, Mary, and Andy
Fridays On the Homefront
The Krones' flooring project had them removing all the vinyl tile and mastic.

Though the new posts slowed down, the Krones continued to receive inquiries about past topics from readers seeking more details and recommendations.

"I think people go online, and they search 'Eichler roofing,' and they find us," Andy said of the email traffic, adding that siding advice is the other big subject of inquiry.

When Mary finally posted again, on July 15, her post reflected the couple's standard, whimsical approach to blogging.

"Oops... I see it has been over two years since our last post... mostly because our free time has been absorbed by this little lady," she wrote in posting about the newest family member. "The good news is that we were officially finished with her nursery before she was born. I'll try to write about it before it becomes a 'big girl room.'"

And as if to reiterate their renewed commitment to the site, she followed up the following day with a lengthy post about solid stained concrete floors.

Regarding the sense of humor that had them refer to one component in a photo as a "thingy," Andy said, "It's just kind of the way we are... Some of these projects are just so huge, we sort of have to laugh at ourselves."

"I'd like to pick it up a little more," he predicted of future traffic on the site, noting a couple of topics they have yet to cover.

"When you have these solar films on sun-facing windows, you save 20 to 30 degrees," he said enthusiastically of one such project. "It's so easy to do, and it's much more comfortable."

Also, he confessed, the photo at the top of their home page is of their unimproved home—when they first bought it. And as soon as they get time, they'll post a newer on.

But in the meantime there are shoes to buy, teeth to cut, new words to learn—and a house to keep together.

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