The Book of 'Homo Eichlerus'

Network's new '2020 Maintenance Directory' a must for homeowners of the MCM species
  Fridays on the Homefront
The Eichler Network's new 2020 'Home Maintenance Directory' went into the mail recently to the mailboxes of all Bay Area Eichler homes and features more than 100 seasoned service companies that know Eichlers inside and out.

OK, moving on to our next display we have 'Homo Eichlerus.' This stage of mankind evolved after 'Homo Sapiens' and about a half century before the highly devolved 'Homo Cellphonibus.'

Homo Eichlerus was distinguished by fierce devotion to home and style, and a willingness to blend life outdoors with life in-shelter through extensive use of glass walls and doors.

On a stool next to that classic Eames chair in the display is the bible of shelter for Homo Eichlerus—the 'Eichler Network Home Maintenance Directory,' of which you see the 2020 issue.

This artifact showcases company profiles and contact information for more than 100 service providers in a couple dozen categories of service, upon whom this species would rely on to maintain and improve its shelter.

Fridays on the Homefront

"I get a lot of calls from people asking me for recommendations. I probably have one or two Eichler owners a week ask for somebody to do this or that," said realtor Kevin Swartz of the South Bay-based Erdal Swartz Team, one of nine Bay Area real estate resources tied to the Network and profiled in the new 2020 directory.

Marin County-based Jeff Nichols acknowledges the South Bay as being the highest concentration of Homo Eichlerus and remarks how important it is to his business, Eichler Siding.

A longtime service provider also profiled in the new directory, Nichols told of his company's weekly run to deliver siding to customers in the South Bay, adding, "It's been kind of fun to see how that has grown and how our business has grown."

"You Google [search] Eichler siding, we're pretty much the only one that comes up. We're the only ones making it," Nichols said of his three grooved patterns of exterior wood siding, which replicate those originally used on Eichlers and ideal for other mid-century dwellings too.

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