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New summer issue covers a range of topics almost as uncertain as the year 2020 itself
  Fridays on the Homefront
Featured in 'Latest Flames'—this Space Age chimney from Modfire.

"So many of these mid-level industrial designers…we don't know who they are," says Dean Six, author of the groundbreaking volume Mid-Century Modern Glass in America (Schiffer Publishing, 2014). When people are admiring a piece of glass art, he says, "We just never talk about who designed or was making it."

As in previous 'Unsung Masters' installments, the ten artists profiled in the story do not include more well-known artisans in the field like Peter Max and Russel Wright, focusing instead on mid-century designers whose names are largely unknown to many. Six, the longtime vice president and general manager of Blenko Glass, helped root out several of these underrated designers for the story.

Of course, not every topic chronicled in the Summer '20 CA-Modern is delicate or fragile. Few aspects of American life are as enduring as coffee, and that provides a charge for one of Adriene Biondo's two stories in the magazine. An architectural restoration consultant and frequent contributor to the periodical, Biondo does the footwork for modernist homeowners who are in the market for either a cutting-edge coffee machine (entitled 'Hot Stuff' - print edition only) or a stylish, outdoor fireplace (called 'Latest Flames').

  Fridays on the Homefront
'Scooters Are for Riding': MCM homeowners and more who love their freedom to roam.

And finally, perhaps saving the first and best for last, the cover story of this issue is 'Scooters Are for Riding,' an exploration of the two main Italian imports of these vintage two-wheel vehicles and their aficionados by intrepid reporter Jack Levitan.

"Enthusiasts of vintage Vespas and Lambrettas love their style and speed—and affinity with the MCM lifestyle," enthuses a subhead for the story, which goes on to detail how and why the bikes are "mid-century icons of industrial design," according to Joe Barthlow, mid-century modern homeowner and president of the Lambretta Club USA.

So there you have it: from fashionistas to fireplaces, motor scooters to masters unsung, the delicate yet enduring topics you crave while in lockdown are all here for you in the Summer 2020 issue of CA-Modern. To view the flip-book edition of the new issue, click here.