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Eichler National Register neighborhood gets spotlight in Winter '23 CA-Modern
Fridays on the Homefront
Lovely Edgewood exterior. Photo Dave Weinstein

"I think being a member of the Eichler Swim Club is really important," says Robles. Lots of neighbors, he says, bring their "kids and socialize, and they have events…Anyone who has a kid in this neighborhood usually belongs to some type of swim club."

According to Robles, residents also meet at another Eichler-built pool, located in nearby Greenmeadow, an Eichler tract in southern Palo Alto that was added to the National Register the same year as Green Gables.

Families in Green Gables' close-knit community are involved in a myriad of other social activities too, from outdoor picnics to events that have developed into traditions.

Fridays on the Homefront
The Barthelemy family. Photo: Dave Weinstein

"They do this thing called 'Just Parties,'" says Robles. "This is a fundraiser where, as a parent, you can donate something. Like I might donate a party hosted [at our house], and then everyone signs up and pays, I don't know, 50 bucks. Then that $50 goes to the school, then we host the party and pay for all that. Then all the parents come here, and we get to meet them."

Weinstein's feature brings Green Gables to life—from simple pleasures like backyard parties, dog walks at nearby Pardee Park, and shopping in downtown Palo Alto to the convenience of highly rated schools that are all walkable, less than a mile away.

Fridays on the Homefront
Another original-looking Green Gables home is Alan Sonneman's Eichler, his living and work space for the past 25 years. Sonneman has transformed the home into his own art studio, where he paints (as above). Photo: Rory Earnshaw

The De Feo and Barthelemy families, who both live on Channing Avenue in the heart of Green Gables, found a special kinship. An important part of their kinship are the kids, of course. "All the people who had kids the same age, we ended up doing vacations together and going on camping trips every year," says dad John De Feo.

His wife, Roxanna, walks the family's husky every day, often with friends. "It's nice," she says, "because it's a beautiful walking neighborhood."

Another plus for Green Gables residents is living in the only Eichler development that incorporated a shopping center into its plan. Weinstein discusses the importance of the Edgewood Shopping Center, which was built in 1957 on nearby Embarcadero Road. Eichler Homes' original headquarters was also located there, and the site is still an office today.

Fridays on the Homefront
Eichler-built Edgewood Shopping Center: 65 years later, still enjoyed by Green Gables residents. Photo: Rory Earnshaw

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