Cheer in a Problematic Year

CA-Modern invites you to escape dreary 2020 by taking in new issue's upbeat spin
  Fridays on the Homefront
Let's wind up dreary 2020 on a happy note. Start by checking out the upbeat, new fall 2020 issue of CA-Modern magazine (above). Hot off the presses!

For those desperately seeking a few positive notes about 2020, this just in: (A) It's almost over; and (B) Santa tested negative for COVID.

To those happy ends, (A) means its time, in this globally troubled year, to take in the upbeat, new fall '20 issue of our CA-Modern magazine; and St. Nick will be relieved to hear that several features in the new issue are primed to help modernists with holiday gift giving.

Foremost among the latter are two features by staff writer and Eichler owner Adriene Biondo exploring snazzy, MCM-tinged merchandise available on today's market. Other stories sing the praises of architectural photography, new book/CD/DVD releases, an amazing San Francisco glass artist, and the farewell of our longtime columnist, Cherry Capri.

  Fridays on the Homefront
'Making Spirits Bright': Mini Modern Butterfly House.

"Holiday gift giving is always a treat, with cozy blankets and twinkling candles a welcome gesture," Biondo reports optimistically in 'Making Spirits Bright,' focused on a number of modernist-friendly holiday gift recommendations. "Gifting decorative items is another tasteful option," she says, "especially those with iconic designs and beautiful patterns that friends will be eager to display."

Just as encouraging, nine of her 11 gift items are priced under $100, the exceptions being some beautifully elaborate wreaths and a spectacular cuckoo clock celebrating the film The Nightmare Before Christmas, both costing about $200 each. Click here to read a PDF of 'Making Spirits Bright.'

  Fridays on the Homefront
'Anyone for Cocktails?': Boomerang cocktail bar.

'Anyone for Cocktails?' convivially asks the title of Biondo's other story in the fall issue, serving up a stylish array of mini-bars and bar carts currently available on the market. Prices on these selections are somewhat higher than the gifts, of course, topping out at $1,590 for the compact, atomic age-styled Boomerang bar.

"If you're in the market for a more expensive setup, the sky's the limit," Biondo concedes. "Setting up a home bar can be fun and rewarding…To help get you started, we've identified ten bar carts and cocktail mini-bars that will definitely lift your spirits like it's 'happy hour.'" Click here to read a PDF of 'Anyone for Cocktails?'

  Fridays on the Homefront
'That's Enterrtainment': New book on desert maverick architect Hugh Kaptur.

A third set of suggestions for Santa can be found in the fall issue's 'That's Entertainment' feature, which focuses on reviews of recommended book, CD, and video releases that feature a modern twist. The lead review, entitled 'Desert Maverick,' explores The Modern Architecture of Hugh Michael Kaptur, Steven Keylon's new book about the prolific Palm Springs architect that "suggests just how fun and varied mid-century modern architecture can be." Several other reviews follow. Click here to read a PDF of 'That's Entertainment.'