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Reducing exposure to unwanted glare, heat and the eyes of the world

For best results, hang custom-tailored draperies from a metal or wooden rod near the ceiling. Add a boxy, deco-style finial in metal, wood, or glass to the ends of the rod for a pop of accent. Ziering sometimes uses straight valences of soft cornices on top of smaller windows, such as in the bathroom or in the kitchen.


"You can also add cornices at the top of the window, at the ceiling, to give a room a graceful feeling and an illusion of more height," she adds.

While some homeowners choose elegant silk for a bedroom, most MCM homeowners opt for something more organic that ties in with the outdoors, such as a linen or cotton duck fabric in a neutral color. Window fabrics can start as low as $5 per yard, but the expanse of most MCM windows demands considerable yardage. Makers of window treatments usually recommend material that is two to three times the width of the window to allow for graceful gather when the drape is pushed to the side during the day.

"We hang them on tracks and sew the drapes with ripple folds for a clean look," Trusty says. Line the back of the drapes to create an unfussy appearance from the outside when drapes are drawn and to protect against heat loss.


Choosing window treatments can take considerable time and expense. Before jumping in, it's best to consider the size and scale of the room, the window shape, and personal preference.

As with anything that demands a custom touch, it's often best to call in the professionals. They can help choose window coverings that will complement a home's décor, and perhaps offer a functional touch that makes living in a modern home that much more enjoyable.

"Window treatments are a good investment because they not only beautify your home, but also serve a purpose for light filtering and energy efficiency," says San Diego. "This helps the homeowner save money on utility bills, helps conserve natural resources, and improves the look of the home."

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Wool tweed fabric hangs from Pankhania’s minimal-looking proprietary hardware.