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12 helpful hints to turn your home's spring-cleaning into a thorough, easy project
Spring Cleaning

6. Natural stone
Although hard stone countertops can withstand a lot of abuse in the kitchen, they do demand a little extra TLC to keep them looking new. Dupont StoneTech Professional Revitalizer cleans common messes and has a built-in sealer so that surfaces remain easier to clean. $13.

Spring Cleaning

7. Wood floors
Wood floors are a major investment, and they take a serious beating. Keep them looking good year after year with a regular schedule of sweeping and vacuuming. Major wet mopping can be damaging, so use a professional cleaner that is specially formulated for hardwood floors coated with an unwaxed finish. Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner won't leave a dulling residue and is also eco-conscious. $16.

Spring Cleaning

8. Oven & grill racks
One of the worst chores known to mankind is scrubbing baked-on grill and oven racks. Carbona's 2 in 1 Oven Rack and Grill Cleaner helps lift away grease and char without the muscle. Slip the cold racks inside the extra large plastic bag provided in the box. Pour the entire bottle of Oven Rack & Grill Cleaner into the bag and seal bag completely. Gently shake to ensure racks are coated. Let it sit eight hours or overnight, and then rinse clean. $8.95

Spring Cleaning

9. Hard floors
If you have kids and pets, vacuuming is probably something you do multiple times a week. The Shark's Navigator Lift Away Pro vacuum sweeps and vacuums wood floors and other hard surfaces simultaneously. The dust-away attachment includes a washable microfiber pad that wipes away tiny bits of dust. The vacuum also has a detachable canister and wand that lets you clean furniture, drapes, and other places away from the floor. $199 to $269.

Spring Cleaning

10. Electronics
Are your little gadgets coated in fingerprints and smudges? The Toddy Smart Cloth will clean that right up for you. These fashionable little cleaning cloths have plush microfiber material on one side to clean and a patterned silk microfiber on the other side to buff and polish. Machine wash and tumble dry. $9.99.


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In all tips the human effort and time will minimize.

Kitchen cleaning tips seem very useful as housewives always having tight scheduled.

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