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12 helpful hints to turn your home's spring-cleaning into a thorough, easy project
Spring Cleaning

11. Kitchen
Do dishes and clean bathrooms to your heart's content without messing up your shirtsleeves. Casabella's Water Stop gloves are tapered for a comfortable fit, and a small fold at the cuff catches water to prevent wet sleeves or arms. $12.

Spring Cleaning

12. Washing machine
You rely on your washing machine to keep your clothes clean and in good shape. After years of washing, however, leftover soap residue and other gunk can create a moldy, rotten smell. Clean up your washer by running a load of hot water with a half-gallon of vinegar. If that doesn't work, try Affresh Power Pucks, which use oxygenated bubbling action to dissolve washing machine grime. $6.42.


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In all tips the human effort and time will minimize.

Kitchen cleaning tips seem very useful as housewives always having tight scheduled.

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