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Like gazing into the future, this 3-D software helps you visualize the end result of the home remodel you are about to undertake
Crystal Ball Remodeling


4. Thinking Small for a Bath Remodel

3-D modeling can assist even with small remodels. In this modern bathroom, architect Michael Tauber used the technology to create a space to accommodate a couple and their growing family.

Tauber said his first step was to create three design options: an obvious layout, one that is slightly less obvious, and one that is more out of the box. Then from those three options, the homeowners usually combine different features to create a fourth design.

If the walls don't need to move much, he will meet with the client at the location and run through the simulation on his laptop so that they can discuss the renderings and compare them to the physical space. They will use the software to focus in on problem areas and troubleshoot any design issues.

"In this case, it was the palette and materials that helped the couple decide the option to choose," Tauber says. "They didn't really have any idea of what they wanted, so I came to one meeting with three different palettes that incorporated different materials."

One design was sleek and modern, one was warmer and more touchy-feely, and then a third version.

"Sometimes a client will say that they really want to keep the plumbing where it is, so at that point we are relying on repositioning the materials to create the space, which was the case here," Tauber says.



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