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CA-Modern article celebrates atriums and plants that make them enchanting spaces
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Plants ideal for the atrium #1: Kousa Dogwood

Perhaps an even more important decision in landscaping an atrium is your choice of plants, for as Miller points out in the story, "For best results, you have to bring in appropriate plants for your particular location."

"Due to its inherent design characteristics, an atrium has its own individual challenges and 'microclimate,'" explain the story's co-authors. Consequently, they conclude, "Some plants are more ideally suited for an atrium than others."

"While they're open to the sky, atriums are relatively small spaces with vertical walls and only a limited amount of direct sunshine overhead [each day]," says Miller. All the while, he allows, "There can be times when the sun can really be beating up against a wall, and plants can be subjected to very warm conditions for three to four hours, yet be in shade for the rest of the day."

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Plants ideal for the atrium #2: Variegated Lily

Picking the right plants is certainly one route to making an atrium reach its full potential, but that apex is achieved through other means as well.

"I was just impressed by the number of homeowners [who] brought real enchantment to their atrium," Biondo says of the numerous sources interviewed for the story. "One thing that really surprised me was how many people had converted them into a play area for their kids."

Whether it's a desert scape, hanging garden, or enclosed playground, she said, "They can't wait to look for items to furnish their atrium." And when they do, she concludes, "I think it fulfills people's dreams."

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Plants ideal for the atrium #3: Blue Chalksticks

So whether you're using your atrium to make dreams come true, or just want to see what all the magic is about, dig into 'Atrium Gardens' in the Spring '21 issue of CA-Modern magazine—or by clicking here.