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Where to turn when your home’s front entry hardware cries out for a revival of mid-century modern flair

Escutcheons on Today's Market

Taking a look at the today's marketplace, three companies currently offer escutcheon kits that blend with the aesthetic of the mid-century modern home.

Doors to Adore
Doors to Adore
Liz's Hardware offers two models: 'Sputnik' (F), 'Starburst' (G).

Liz's Hardware in Los Angeles manufactures its own smartly styled reproduction escutcheons. Liz's 'Starburst' is a slim but snazzy star designed to fit a standard 2-1/8-inch prep with Schlage hardware. 'Sputnik' is an elegant style modeled after the much-sought-after Schlage 'Compass' produced in the 1950s.

Both models require a tubular latch with a 5-inch backset and are offered in five finishes: satin chrome, satin bronze, polished chrome, polished brass, and polished unlacquered brass—a 'living finish' that darkens over time.

When visiting Liz's retail showroom in person, you can also search their extensive inventory of 'new old stock' (NOS) and salvaged vintage hardware.

Doors to Adore
Doors to Adore
Atomic Martini's two available escutcheons: 'Starburst' (A), 'Starburst Sputnik' (B).

Atomic Martini, an etsy vendor also in Los Angeles, has developed a cool take on the '50s starburst, the 'Modern Vintage-Style Sputnik Starburst.'

"I created these because I couldn't find an affordable and available source for this style item for use in my own mid-century home," says Atomic Martini's owner Gabrielle Weinman. "It's made of professional-grade cast resin, not metal body, with solid-core metal flake so it will never wear off, fade, or tarnish."

Two models are available, both in a gloss, metal-flake finish, with options of silver or gold. Atomic Martini's first prototype was the 'Sputnik Starburst,' a unique design with atomic ball ends. A second offering, the 'Starburst,' resembles a more standard star. Both accept a standard Schlage (or other brand) 2.5-inch round trim ring, and will fit any round lockset with a maximum of a 2-5/8-inch finish ring.

Doors to Adore
Doors to Adore
Doors to Adore
Rejuvenation's three models: 'Titan' (C), 'Scout' (D), 'Ariel' (E).

Rejuvenation, based in Portland, Oregon, carries an impressive selection of hard-to-find styles as complete door sets. The beauty of these kits is that Rejuvenation has done a lot of the hard work by matching a beautifully designed escutcheon with high-quality Schlage door hardware and the appropriate extender backset, making for an easy installation.

"Rejuvenation is built on a passionate love affair with history, architecture, and bringing back the best lighting and house parts ever made," the company boasts on their website. "We obsess over the details of period authenticity and great design like no one else."

Rejuvenation's three MCM backplates seem to attest to that philosophy. They've revived a classic mid-century look with 'Ariel Mid-Century Knob Exterior Door Tubelatch Set,' a classic circular design that may be the closest replacement product currently available for owners looking for original-style Eichler door hardware.

The 'Ariel' blends seamlessly with its matching Schlage 'Orb' hardware. Customizable options and hand-applied finishes are offered in lacquered brass, lacquered chrome, or brushed chrome. It is made to fit a 5-inch backset.

Another elegant offering in Rejuvenation's retro line is the 'Scout Mid-Century Knob Exterior Door Tubelatch Set,' another option for those looking for old-time quality in an authentic modern style. Here, an oversized square backplate coordinates with locking Schlage 'Orb' hardware to fit a 5-inch backset. Offered in two widths with finish options of lacquered brass, lacquered chrome, or brushed chrome.

The Space Age returns with the 'Titan Mid-Century Knob Exterior Door Tubelatch Set,' Rejuvenation's gleaming version of the '50s starburst. In wide and narrow widths, coordinated with locking Schlage 'Orbit' hardware with 2-3/8-inch backset and 5-inch extender. Finished in lacquered brass, lacquered chrome, or brushed chrome. Optional matching deadbolt also available.

For those searching for vintage, Rejuvenation also maintains an antiques hardware section in their online catalog. Listings are typically updated monthly, or as new vintage items are located. It's not uncommon to find among their inventory an authentic vintage item in 'like new' condition, still in its original packaging. Check individual descriptions to learn whether the item has been refurbished or shows signs of shelf wear.