Eichler Architect, Bob Anshen: Self-Made Man - Page 6

The Bay Area architect was a mastermind whose inventions included Eichler homes—and himself

No one took Anshen's death harder than Steve Allen. "Steve was never the same again," says Derek Parker, who became a partner in the firm shortly thereafter and helped it become the major firm it is today. "His energy level dropped, and he was less interested in the practice."

Asked about Anshen's virtues as an architect, Parker responds immediately. "Creativity, ideas. Nothing was sacred. He'd start each project anew. He had a good sense of design, a good sense of proportion. And he was always pushing for something new—not to be novel, but to solve the problem."

Photos: Ernie Braun, Maynard L. Parker (courtesy Huntington Library, San Marino, CA), Kelly Cannon, Dave Cook (Eating in Translation); and courtesy John and Frances Anshen, Anshen + Allen

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