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Ambitious Eichler owner returns with his curb address stencils that shout ‘Eichler’
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront
Hunter Wimmer's Concord Eichler—with stenciled curb appeal.

Once he had the design, Wimmer's instincts as an educator took over. He told some budding designers at the Academy of Art University (where he teaches, in San Francisco), "You guys are students and could use the cash, so run with it!"

Since then, different students have helmed the three previous production runs of the stencils, including Howard Li, Kim André Bøe, Ziv Tsau, and most recently Mary Tolosa.

As the logical next step, Wimmer recently set up an Etsy online store for the stencils, and they now ship for $75 out the door.

"They're made out of polypropylene, so they'll last a while," he promised. "The stencils are good for at least a half-dozen applications…One set can serve every single neighbor."

Wimmer said the curb address he painted with one of the stencils outside his and Casie's home is eight years old now, and needs repainting. Interestingly, the address of one of his neighbors, who has a 'rollover' style curb, has aged much better than the artist's square curb.

"Application is certainly going to affect longevity...It's going to flake off if your curb is dirty," he acknowledged, recommending preparation with a wire brush to smooth out the curb surface, and then using a quality outdoor enamel paint such as Rust-Oleum Hard Hat.

"They dry really quickly, and they seem to be the appropriate colors—white, gray and black," Wimmer said, somewhat tongue in cheek. He said satisfied customers appreciate the addresses for adding "a certain sense of pride, a finishing touch" to their Eichler.

But Wimmer has no regrets that his Eichler Stencils haven't padded his wallet along the way. "It's not really a business—it's more of an initiative," he explained of enlisting students in the effort. "As an instructor, I derive more pleasure from seeing other people not struggle."

To order your own Eichler Stencils, click here. For more info, click here.

• It should be noted, the original production run of curb address stencils that inspired Hunter Wimmer during his Southern California visit a decade ago was designed and produced by Jaime Jim Flores, then an Eichler owner in the Balboa Highlands tract in Granada Hills. 

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